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the monuments man

the first time i heard the title, i thought it will be a super boring movie. Nevertheless, after watching like almost 45 minutes, i found that this movie is funny although the setting was in world war and nazi..

in addition, this movie also acknowledged me about the importance of an art as a proof of human-beings existence.

finally, this movie is worth to watch and based on true story.

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The iPhone blackout accident

Today, apparently 10 minutes ago, my iPhone suddenly blacks out (it was put next to me without charging and doing any applica. I was panicked and nothing i could do about it. Then I googled and found:

In summary, I pushed the power and home buttons at the same time for about 15 seconds. Then, apple logo came up \m/

Previously, I called the service centre apple and they said it couldn’t be fixed. So, in case if you have the same experience with me, try the thing that I have done :)

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